Utility services are live in Eko Atlantic
Residents are already enjoying all the city has to offer

Developers in Eko Atlantic are already taking advantage of the numerous benefits that land in Eko Atlantic has to offer:

  • Modern and efficient master-plan: self-sufficient and sustainable
  • Advanced Infrastructure: uninterrupted power, clean water, underground drainage and world class communication
  • Designed to the highest standards, meeting present and futures demands
  • Independent 24/7 power supply
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Fiber optic communication connections to ever plot of land
  • Plots of land are delivered with connection to utility services
  • Elevated street levels to accommodate basement parking above ground water
  • Building in a city specifically planned for medium to high density development
  • Value added amenities within the city include:
  • 10.2km long waterfront promenade
  • 2 large marinas connected by an internal water-way


Our commitment to an energy efficient city

– Well-organized, forward thinking city –


WATER & WASTE WATER TREATMENT WATER TREATMENT PLANT • Water treatment capacity: - Phases 1 & 2: 60,000 m3/day
- Phases 1 to 6: 100,000 m3/day
WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT • Treated effluent to be used for irrigation as it meets the most stringent international standard • Waste water treatment capacity: - Phases 1 & 2: 50,000 m3/day
- Phases 1 to 6: 80,000 m3/day
• Central waste water treatment plant (WWTP) • Designed and built to European standards for portable water • World-class water network facilities
POWER GENERATION POWER PLANT • Air-cooled power plant for better water management • Dual-fuel plant to capitalize on the availability of natural gas for cleaner emissions • Solar panels to be installed on the roofs of Eko Atlantic City main water reservoirs (+5,000m2) • Power generated by solar panels: - Phases 1 & 2: 600 KW
- Phases 1 to 6: 1,200 KW
ROAD NETWORK USE OF ROUNDABOUTS Vs INTERSECTIONS • Significant improvement in car flow and reduction in delays USE OF CONCRETE BLOCKS Vs ASPHALT • It is estimated that the city is 2-3 degrees Celsius cooler due to the use of concrete blocks • Significant reduction in car accidents and fatalities • Studies estimate up to 46% reduction in CO2 emissions • Much more durable compared to asphalt • Much less maintenance required compared to asphalt USE OF LED STREET LIGHTS • Very long life and less maintenance • Uses 85% less energy than traditional street lights • Can easily be connected to smart components for different uses (dimming, emergency lighting, etc.) SIDEWALKS • Pedestrian friendly city • Wide sidewalks throughout the city • All utilities are installed underground TRANSPORT • Roads and bridges built for high-density use • City wide bus network • City wide canal network to connect with Lagos ferry transport system GREENERY • 200,000-tree nursery located 40 min away from Eko Atlantic • Tree planting on-going in developed areas of Eko Atlantic SEA WALL • Designed to withstand the worst storm in 1,000 years • Designed with rising sea levels in mind • Protects both Victoria Island and parts of Lekki
ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDINGS • Use of double-glazed glass to reduce the cooling requirements of buildings • Use of energy efficient cooling system in buildings • Smart building solutions to keep the buildings energy efficient • Use of LED lights for new buildings