Utility services are live in Eko Atlantic
Residents are already enjoying all the city has to offer

Developers in Eko Atlantic are already taking advantage of the numerous benefits that land in Eko Atlantic has to offer:

  • Modern and efficient master-plan: self-sufficient and sustainable
  • Advanced Infrastructure: uninterrupted power, clean water, underground drainage and world class communication
  • Designed to the highest standards, meeting present and futures demands
  • Independent 24/7 power supply
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Fiber optic communication connections to ever plot of land
  • Plots of land are delivered with connection to utility services
  • Elevated street levels to accommodate basement parking above ground water
  • Building in a city specifically planned for medium to high density development
  • Value added amenities within the city include:
  • 10.2km long waterfront promenade
  • 2 large marinas connected by an internal water-way


Our commitment to an energy efficient city

– Well-organized, forward thinking city –