Our Green Commitment

The developers of Eko Atlantic City are committed to creating an environmentally friendly city for the 21st century. Through planting trees, using energy efficient materials where possible, and well-planned infrastructure and roads, Eko Atlantic City is ushering in a new city with a green future in mind.

EDGE certification in EAC

Planning regulations in Eko Atlantic City exist to ensure buildings developed within the City adhere to a strict code of quality. In addition, these same regulations strongly encourage the use of energy efficient and environmentally friendly materials.

All developers within the City are asked to build to the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Green EDGE standard. The EDGE standard is a “Green Building Certification System” focused on making developments more resource-efficient. More about the EDGE standard can be seen here: https://edge.gbci.org/

The environmental impact EDGE will have on the City for generations to come will be tremendous as developers build using methods which have a smaller footprint on the environment and materials which will make buildings more energy efficient.

Roads, Round-a-bouts, LED Street Lights

The roads in the City are built using paving block stones rather than asphalt.  Due to the light color of the paving block stone, when compared to using asphalt, a tremendous amount of the sun’s energy is not absorbed, which lowers the overall core temperature of the City.

The City has also incorporated the use of roundabouts as opposed to 4 way intersection.  Studies have shown that roundabouts ensure safer and more efficient traffic flow.

Keeping in line with major cities around the world, Eko Atlantic City installed all street- lights with energy efficient LED lighting drastically reducing the City’s energy needs to light the roads.

Energy efficient underground Infrastructure

Eko Atlantic City has built their roads to a higher elevation which allows for a natural flow of storm water drainage to our internal canal system simply through gravitational force. Using gravitational force eliminates the need for pumps to move storm water.

Gravitational force is also used to help with moving waste-water within the City.

Shoreline protection

South Energyx Nigeria Limited, the city planners and designers of Eko Atlantic City, worked with marine engineers Royal Haskoning to create Eko Atlantic City and submitted the project to the Lagos State Government for consideration as a solution that could solve the problem of coastal erosion along the coast of Victoria Island and parts of Lekki at no financial cost to the Government.  Read More

Today Lagos is already reaping the benefits of the Great Wall of Lagos. Roads that were once inundated are now motorable. Properties which were once abandoned have now seen re-development and re-investment. Countless developments and projects have sprouted up since The Great Wall of Lagos construction had begun further showing the positive impact the wall has on not only Eko Atlantic City, but Lagos as a whole. Eko Atlantic has saved Victoria Island and, soon, the early phases of Lekki, all while reclaiming land lost to over 100 years of coastal erosion.