The Rise of Eko Atlantic, Nigeria’s Vital New City: Eko Atlantic Website Launch

The Rise of Eko Atlantic, Nigeria’s Vital New City: Eko Atlantic Website Launch

June 1, 2009 – The official website of Eko Atlantic, a brand new city that will be built on land that is being reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Victoria Island in Lagos, has been launched on the internet as part of an evolving strategy of marketing and communications to promote the large-scale development project.Eko Atlantic covers an area of more than 9 square kilometres of sea that is being turned into valuable land for sale. Strips of sand have already emerged along parts of Bar Beach, rolling back decades of severe coastal erosion that once threatened Victoria Island itself.

‘This is a thoroughly properly conceived engineering solution to nature’s challenge,’ says Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, who praises the project in a video clip on the new website.

Lagos is the biggest and fastest growing city in West Africa and is projected to become a city-state of 25 million people by the year 2015. Eko Atlantic city, says the Governor, is an integral part of that mega city vision. ‘I was persuaded not only by its merits but also its benefits.’

The vast marine works to reclaim land for Eko Atlantic and the construction of a new sea wall will take six years to complete. ‘We have a unique opportunity here,’ says David Frame, Managing Director of the development company, South Energyx. ‘It will establish a vibrant 21st century city here in the heart of Africa. We believe it will assist in establishing Lagos as the financial capital of Africa.’

A new Eko Atlantic branding logo, depicting a modern skyline along a coastal sweep, will be revealed for the first time on the newly launched interactive website.

The developers will further raise Eko Atlantic’s profile in newspaper advertisements and will broadcast its logo on television screens watched by millions of soccer fans during the Nigeria v France friendly soccer match on Tuesday, June 2.

Eko Atlantic is a match sponsor for the Super Eagles game and its logo and website address will feature on prominent, pitch-side advertising panels in the French stadium throughout the game.