Eko Atlantic Dazzles with First Road Lighting

Eko Atlantic Dazzles with First Road Lighting

The new Eko Atlantic cityscape is starting to take shape off the coast of Lagos where the first residential and commercial tower blocks under construction can now clearly be seen in the light of day from Ahmadu Bello Way on Victoria Island and the Marina on Lagos Island.

But now there is something new to see at nighttime after a section of new road in the emerging city was illuminated by streetlights.

Eko Atlantic’s road system is rolling out more and more each day but it is the first time any of the internal city routes have been lit.

‘We are very satisfied that the street lighting has come on as this represents another important step in the successful development of Eko Atlantic,’ says David Frame the Managing Director of South Energyx Nigeria Limited, the developers and city planners.

The first row of lights along Eko Boulevard, a paved 8-lane thoroughfare that is over a mile long and is the spine of the Business District, will be extended in the New Year as the developers forge ahead with infrastructure development.

Concrete block paved roads, spacious sidewalks and kerbs are being built in the first and second phases of developing Eko Atlantic.

‘The project development area is now so large and progressing so quickly that it won’t be long before we need internal road signs to drive around,’ said Frame.

To date 10 per cent of Eko Atlantic’s roads in Phase 1 and 2 are paved while 32 per cent have stone-base in place providing access to motor vehicles; furthermore 25 per cent of the roads are defined with kerb lines. 56 per cent of storm water drainage has been installed along with 34 per cent of state-of-the-art communications, 50 per cent of the sewage distribution network and 36 per cent of the water supply network are also completed to date.

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