Business & Technology, Nigeria, Positive Africa Eko Atlantic – Inside Story

Business & Technology, Nigeria, Positive Africa Eko Atlantic – Inside Story

Eko Atlantic is a dynamic new city that will rise from the Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria – the biggest and fastest growing city in West Africa. It will be built on land that is being reclaimed from the sea, and is now for sale.Overview
Eko Atlantic will become home to at least 400,000 residents, with commuter volume expected to exceed 250,000 people daily.

In essence it is a huge reclamation project, replacing land that was lost during a hundred years of severe coastal erosion. Complex marine works engaging world-renowned consultants and contractors to roll back surging waves from the Atlantic Ocean have already begun.

Valuable land that was lost to generations of Nigerians has started to reappear, expanding every day.

Eko Atlantic will grow into a vibrant, twenty-first century city, larger than Victoria Island, and will help to establish Lagos as the financial capital of Africa.

Development Overview: Facts and Figures

  • Development area – over 9 square kilometres (9 million square metres)
  • Land for sale – approximately 7 square kilometres (7 million square metres)
  • Length of city – 7 kilometres
  • Average width of city – 1.4 kilometres
  • Expected number of buildings in Eko Atlantic – 3,000
  • Resident population – 400,000
  • Commuters – 250,000
  • Length of internal roads – 100 kilometres
  • Length of internal waterway – 20 kilometres
  • Duration of marine works – 6 years
  • Total amount of sand for reclamation – 140 million tons (95 million cubic metres)
  • Average depth of water in landfill area – 8 metres
  • Daily volume target for sand pumping – 82,000 tons (55,000 cubic metres)
  • Length of main sea wall (revetment) – 7 kilometres
  • Height of sea wall above water level – 9 metres
  • Number of plots for sale – approximately 1,500 (excluding the Financial District)