Developers unveil mobile device for monitoring ongoing development of new city

Developers unveil mobile device for monitoring ongoing development of new city

Vanguard News, February 10th, 2015,

By: Kingsley Adegboye

Messrs South Energyx Nigeria Limited, planners and developers of Eko Atlantic City, an emerging city being built on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean located beside the popular Bar Beach on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos, have devised their first mobile application that can be used on all new generation smart phones and Eko-pixtablets (Android and iOS platforms).

The device which is also interactive with the new Eko Atlantic City Milestones newsletter that is available at their sales office in Ahmadu Bello Way and online through their Eko Atlantic website, is an easy-to-use presentation, as the app features a graphic overview of the infrastructure networks progress as well as a gyroscope-enhanced virtual tour that enables users to navigate through the Eko Atlantic City development site just by moving their mobile device around.

The physical reality of Eko Atlantic is clear to see with the naked eye off the shore of Victoria Island. But now the virtual reality of the project is being brought to life.

Without doubt, the smartest feature on the app is Augmented Reality (AR) – a cutting edge technology that displays a digitally enhanced view of objects or locations. Using the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds, graphics or GPS data – directly on top of items in the real world.

According to Brent Sadler, communication consultant to Eko Atlantic City, ‘The pre-launch app is a curtain raiser for what comes next. What you can see with the app now takes the visibility of Eko Atlantic to an entirely new level. But we are going to make the app even better, smarter and more interactive”.

Sadler added that the first edition of Eko Atlantic’s Milestones newsletter which is also online, together with the new mobile app enable recipients to interact with selected pages of the journal through the Augmented Reality function, pointing out that the newsletter has 20-pages of illustrated articles reporting on the construction of roads and bridges in Eko Atlantic as well as the first commercial and residential tower blocks under construction.