Beach Polo Tourney – Fans to Get Good Treat

Beach Polo Tourney – Fans to Get Good Treat

Vanguard, March 13th, 2015,

By: Editor

Polo fans attending the first beach Polo tournament in Lagos being organise by Eko Atlantic in collaboration with Lagos Polo Club have been promised first class hospitality in a luxurious setting.

Speaking ahead of the tournament which kicks off Thursday, David Frame, Managing Director, Eko Atlantic, said, “We are proud to be hosting the first beach polo tournament in Africa and look forward to the exciting games which lie ahead.” Polo fans attending can expect first class hospitality in a luxurious setting, while enjoying the ‘sport of kings’

He said the first beach Polo tournament will see participating teams playing in a round robin as every team will play one another during the tournament.

David Frame explained that a growing new audience has the ability to combine a day at polo with a day on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world while maintaining the glamour of the sport.

“The growing number of worldwide beach polo events have aided in the exposing the sport of polo to a new audience in a fun and exciting fashion. Eko Atlantic will be no exception.”

The tournament which is being hosted by Eko Atlantic in collaboration with Lagos Polo Club will take place in an arena that will sit on approximately 42,000 square meters of land located directly off Eko Boulevard, a paved 8-lane thoroughfare that is over a mile long and is the spine of the Business District.

The Managing Director of Eko Atlantic noted that the area that will host the tournament will also be used for guest parking throughout the event, adding that the area is the first to have street lighting installed which will improve security as well as mobility for guests at the end of festivities each day.

“Entrance to the Eko Atlantic Beach Polo Tournament will be strictly by invitation. An invitation will be printed for each day of play to ensure guest numbers are controlled and avoid overcrowding with a maximum of 1,000 invites being distributed for each day of play.

“Polo is known around the world as “the sport of Kings” and in Nigeria this is also the case. At our event you can expect to meet business tycoons, company executives and directors from multi-national as well as indigenous companies. These companies range from oil & gas, manufacturing, agriculture, real estate, banking & finance, telecommunications and several other notable industries.