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Eko Atlantic is an investment opportunity on a massive scale: an entire state-of-the-art city being built to house the overwhelming demand for A-grade real estate in Nigeria – Africa’s largest and fastest-growing economy.

This grand project has created a wealth of opportunities for individuals, companies, and organisations to acquire plots of land within Eko Atlantic for private development.

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One of Eko Atlantic’s most impressive features is Eko Boulevard, a central road about 2 kilometres long and 60 metres wide. It is similar in size to the Champs-Élysées in Paris or Fifth Avenue in New York. Eko boulevard has a six-lane carriageway for smoothly-flowing traffic.

This wide avenue will feature an array of additional towers with an average of 35 floors, turning this inspirational development into a powerhouse for corporate, financial and commercial activity. At the northern end of the boulevard stands an iconic building, which will be about 50 storeys in height and its acquisition represents the highest level of investor confidence in our emerging city.

In addition to carefully controlled city-wide basement and multi-storey parking, more parking spaces will be allocated on the first or second floors of all the buildings, connected by overhead walkways. The ground floor units, which will have direct access on to the streets, will be reserved for shops, bars, cafés and restaurants. Strolling along the wide pavements will be a pleasure, with plenty of opportunities to meet friends or clients for a drink or a meal.

A-grade real estate in a
city of surging demand

Lagos is the fastest-growing megacity in the world, poised to become the third largest city this year. Home to nearly 25 million people, its scarcity of A-grade commercial buildings has created huge demand from national and multinational companies.

This vital development space is being provided by Eko Atlantic, supported by robust modern infrastructure. It includes large-scale residential, commercial, financial developments delivering a sustainable business destination not just for Lagos or Nigeria, but for the world.

The Business District will become the new financial headquarters for the city and, indeed, the country. It alone covers 700,000 square metres with plots available for mixed use development.

Each of the other districts will also combine residences with offices, shops, restaurants and bars to ensure all areas remain vibrant and lively during the evening as well as the working day.

From ocean-front apartments and a magnificent shopping mall to an international school, first-class hospital and world-class infrastructure amenities, Eko Atlantic will attract 300,000 inhabitants with 200,000 more commuting in each day.

As Nigeria continues its unstoppable trajectory to become a top 20 global economic power, investing in this new city opens a wealth of opportunities for tapping into the wider potential of Africa as a whole.