Marina District

The Marina District of Eko Atlantic will be adjacent to the Harbour Lights district. It will have views of the ocean from one side and of the entrance to the port of Lagos on the other. This area will extend over 1,154,500 square metres and its water surface will be 76,677 square metres. The planned building plots within the Marina District will be 5,500 square metres and the average building height will be 70 metres.

Many of the buildings within this huge development will provide homes for residents but it will also be a centre for leisure and social activities and is expected to be popular with tourists and visitors.

A promenade will surround the Marina district and will be 18 metres wide, acting as a viewing platform for the whole area and providing plenty of opportunities for pavement restaurants and al fresco dining.

Recreation and Relaxation

The Marina District itself will offer multiple berths for boats and other marine craft making this land very attractive to investors. Taking a boat out offers the chance to enjoy the quiet waters of the internal city waterway or to be more adventurous and set a course for the ocean.

Maximising the Space

The eastern part of the Marina District will offer fabulous views of the harbour, waterway and the ocean. Moving west, the district will take on a more dramatic, urban appearance. Buildings of varied heights will be clustered and spaced to form some narrow streets and some wider, tree-lined boulevards, with shops, restaurants and bars. City squares will be a major feature in the Marina District, ideal for socializing and meeting friends.

Keeping the traffic flowing and the streets clear will be a priority here as in the rest of Eko Atlantic. Three levels of multistorey parking will be built with residential and commercial floors above. The first two storeys will be reserved only for restaurants, bars and retail outlets, giving easy access when strolling around.