Planned to perfection

A team of expert consultants were brought together to ensure Eko Atlantic was properly planned to rise to the challenge of creating a world class city capable of sustaining a high-density development. From the design of the Great Wall of Lagos to innovative technologies designs to, reliable infrastructures, Eko Atlantic was subjected to rigorous studies from different schools of thought.


Harbour Lights

This is a “Mini Manhattan” concept with high-rise towers dominating the skyline.

Business District

The central feature is the Boulevard (2 km x 60 m) which will be similar in size to New York’s Fifth Avenue, or Paris’ Champs-Élysées.

Marina District

This will provide homes for residents and will become a centre for leisure and social activities.


This district provides opportunities to develop land for residential use, offering a sought-after style of city life.

Eko Island

Situated at the heart of Eko Atlantic, this is an ingenious urban design, surrounded by waterways on all sides.


Stretching from west to east, its name is taken from the prominent green boulevards that sweep through the area.

Four Bridges

An outstanding area for residential growth, commercial activity and recreation, featuring a variety of accommodation.

Eko Drive

A well-designed mix of commercial and residential developments, providing rapid commuter access between Lagos and Eko Atlantic

East Side Marina

Buildings of varied height will be clustered and spaced to form narrow streets as well as some wider tree-lined boulevards and shops restaurants and bars.

Ocean Front

This mainly residential area will have an open, modern feel and will have exceptional facilities for tourists visiting the new city.