Shopping for opportunities

Retail investment
is now a reality

Retailers looking to invest in Eko Atlantic will have a wide range of choices. The city has created 10 million square meters of prime real-estate on which a wealth of offices and homes are now rising. The population will exceed 250,000 residents and a further 150,000 people will commute every day. The potential for retail growth is extraordinary.

Each of the city’s distinctive districts will be a thriving community in itself needing varied retail spaces. Investors will have the opportunity to setup their businesses in each of the districts to effectively supply residents throughout Eko Atlantic with their various retail needs. Retailers will further enjoy being in close proximity to an affluent customer base in need of their products.

Retail opportunities include:

  • The largest shopping mall in West Africa
  • Close proximity to Victoria Island and Ikoyi
  • Set to become a regional touristic and entertainment attraction
  • Wide range of various businesses and residents nearby
  • Foot-traffic generated sales

The largest shopping mall in West Africa

The Central Boulevard

In the heart of Eko Atlantic City rises its most impressive feature: a spectacular central boulevard.
Two kilometres long and 60 metres wide, it is similar in size to the Champs-Élysées in Paris or Fifth Avenue in New York.

Along this sweeping avenue will stand an array of towers climbing to 35 floors, turning this inspirational development into a powerhouse for corporate, financial and retail activity.

The scale of this boulevard is indicative of the opportunities available to major business. Whether you are in need of trading floors or open space offices, corporate headquarters or branches, the Central Boulevard will most be the place to establish your business.