Invest in a land of opportunity

Competitive land prices
for potential investors

In terms of real figures, land prices in Eko Atlantic are highly competitive when compared with neighbouring areas in Lagos – but with far superior infrastructure and potential for value growth.

Some value added amenities in Eko Atlantic include:

  • Independent 24/7 power supply
  • Water and Sewage treatment
  • Fiber optic connections to every plot of land
  • High end and generous roads and sidewalks
  • Straight forward deed of assignment and construction approval process
  • Master-planning specifically designed for medium to high density developments
  • Straight forward deed of assignment and construction approval process
  • Medium and High rise construction allowed
  • Ongoing maintenance of the city after construction

The Great Wall of Lagos:
Protecting the coastline,
and your investment

The Great Wall of Lagos is formidable in its design and already does a magnificent job ofprotecting the coastline, even though it is not yet fully complete.

Over the past 100 years, pounding waves from the Atlantic Ocean have eroded the land off Lagos, bringing the sea closer to the financial centre of Victoria Island. The threat of serious flooding was a major concern. Before the Great Wall, tidal surges used to regularly cause water and debris to spill over on to the main coastal highway –Ahmadu Bello Way.

It has now exceeded five kilometres in length; an immense achievement in a relatively short space of time.



This structure is a full eight-and-a-half metres above sea level, includes a concrete Wave Deflector Wall and will include a scenic Pedestrian Promenade.



The Great Wall of Lagos is a remarkable engineering feat whose design has passed vigorous tests by the world-renowned Danish Hydraulic Research Centre.



The Great Wall will be fit to withstand and endure the most severe tidal surges forecast over the next 1,000 years.