Ocean Front

The Ocean Front district of Eko Atlantic will stretch along the Nigerian coastline with breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean.

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This mainly residential area will have an open, modern feel and will have many facilities and attractions for tourists visiting the new city. It is close to all of the other districts and will be a great place to head out to in the early evening to enjoy sunsets over the ocean.

The Coastal Promenade

This will sweep along the entire waterfront with bold landscaping, tree-lined streets and lush green gardens. The promenade will be lined with attractive modern buildings, many of them hotels that will make the most of the stunning ocean views. Mixed-use developments will be a major feature of the Ocean Front district, with residential properties at higher levels, plenty of parking and cafés, bars and restaurants at street level. Many of these will have outside areas to relax and enjoy the magnificent views.

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With tourists and visitors to Nigeria in mind, the area will also have a range of leisure facilities, including a water park, cinemas, theatres and shopping centres. A spectacular tram ride along the entire length of Ocean Front by day or night will be an unforgettable experience for all to enjoy in Eko Atlantic.